The Accounting of Cleaning

Keep your accounts clean with the knowledge and expertise of trusted Accountants.

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The Cleaning Experts in Accounting

Understanding the cleaning industry is one aspect of providing key services for accounting. Another is the deep knowledge base and expertise with knowing how to best manage your financial accounting needs, and to keep your accounts clean.

With Austral Accountants, we help keep the financial management clean through our diligence with bookkeeping and accounting services. From data entry and financial record-keeping to reconciliation and managing the invoicing and outgoing payments, our qualified Bookkeepers ensure that your financial transactions are well-maintained. Experienced and knowledgeable Accountants in our team drive effective payroll streamlining, EOFY statements and lodgements, financial reporting such as Profit & Loss (P&L) and analyse the financial performance and position.

Cleaning businesses have unique requirements such as ensuring that all legal and regulatory compliance is up-to-date such as clearances and any specific credentials. Furthermore, they also have to ensure that they have protection of their assets such as tools and equipment, Work, Health and Safety (WH&S) compliance and protection, effective risk mitigation strategies and appropriate management of financial resources such as income and revenue as well as cost control and expenditure monitoring. In addition to this, there can be constraints such as scheduling of staff while also payment of additional benefits from overtime to fuel/parking reimbursements and uniform management.

Combined, bookkeeping and accounting services are important for your cleaning business and we tailor our services to suit the specific needs of each client. We understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach and every business is set up with its own structure, operational functions, and best practices. That is why, in our role function with providing key accounting solutions and services, we use the best evidence-based practices and innovative methodologies to drive your cleaning business further.

Evidence-based Practices to drive your cleaning business

The Clean Function

At Austral Accountants, we remain committed to helping each of our clients with their unique business and industry-specific accounting needs. As we understand diverse industries and the differences between them, we make a concerted effort to work with diligence, dedication, and a lot of drive.

Our passion is helping you prosper in your industry. Therefore, let’s look at the CLEAN in our accounting.

1. Commitment: our specialised team is deeply committed to exceptional quality customer service as well as catering to the best interests of the business/client

2. Legal: it matters to us as much as it is important to you for your cleaning business to remain in full compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements governing the specific industry and businesses of any size or scale; let’s keep it clean legally

3. Empowering: a core part of our motto is to empower our clients with expert knowledge, insight, and input expertise to help them make an informed decision

4. Action: we are not passive in our diligence but proactive; we take action and ensure that we are across all the financial accounting and business support needs of our clients including helping formulate strategic action plans

5. Numbers: of course! We work with numbers every day and we are fully across the number-crunching, reconciliation and balancing figures, tracking financial performance, monitoring expenditure, and ensuring full compliance

If this sounds just like what you need for your cleaning business, hit up Austral Accountants and see how we can keep your accounting nice and clean too!

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