Driving Not-For-Profit (NFP)

Investing resources into accounting and business support services is cost-effective and helps the greater investment: in serving members and the community.

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Capital P For Philanthropy Over Profit

Being philanthropic with a Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisation still means investing in accounting and business support services. This is an essential part of running any business, however, the solutions you utilise and the approach you adopt depend on the unique set-up and operations of your particular business. That is where Austral Accountants can help as we manage a 360-degree accounting approach with a diverse range of services and solutions, tailored to suit the individual clients’ needs.

Overseeing a Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisation can be quite a challenging task regardless of the type of philanthropy or business that you run. Ensuring that all the accounting requirements are taken care of can be rather daunting but we understand what makes an NFP organisation tick and how to optimise your financial management.

Rather than profit, the aim is, of course, philanthropy or service to the general population and communities. There are specific requirements to be met such as legal and regulatory frameworks governing the operational aims and purpose. In addition, there are financial obligations and precise reporting of where the funds or resources have been allocated.

In light of this, let’s see how we can help your NFP organisation tick.

For our team, we want to see that you achieve your goals in making a positive contribution to the communities or specific members and/or communities for whom you provide services. Our aim is to also to make a positive impact by helping you with accounting solutions and business advisory and support services.

Helping Not-For-Profit (NFP) Organisations Tick

Strengths-based Approach

The following are some of our strengths that we work with like many NFP organisations work with a strengths-based approach.

1. Our team’s expert knowledge base, insight and expertise with the NFP sector means that we are able to understand the nature of your organisation and purpose before we tailor accounting and support services to help you

2. NFP organisations are often experiencing constraints due to financial resources and are impacted by external influences such as relying on “backers” who support and fundraising; these are understood by our team thus we can adapt for your specific needs in terms of accounting

3. Our goal is to optimise your financial management by minimising liabilities, optimising your taxation obligations and ensuring full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
ü Often, with NFP organisations, there are people who do need to withdraw a wage or salary on the basis of their position and function within the business; we help you ensure that your payments are accurate, equate to the accountability and function of the role(s) and to minimise any potential risks

4. With our deep understanding of the type of financial commitments that you have, we can assist in driving your financials further, that way you can help more people

5. And finally, we are also about long-term sustainability because we care too!

It is important that your risks are minimised and that careful risk assessments in terms of financial performance and ongoing commitments are facilitated.

Assets are important too and taking an asset-based practice together works in the long term; while we help protect your assets, you can still work on that strengths-based approach! Let’s collaborate and invest in the future of communities; it’s invaluable.

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