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Providing relief for your aged care clients is your business; ours is to help relieve you of the stress involved with accounting.

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Aged Care Never Passes

We all know that aged care services are critically important to many of our population but what about the people behind the services? For those in the aged care and disability sector, running a practice or organisation can take its toll. Aside from the management of the operations and all of the types of services provided to clients, it is important to ensure that you are on top of the financial management.

Managing the accounting side of an aged care or disability services provider business can be a strenuous activity, not like helping people with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) using physical strength and aids but in terms of mental resources. Investing time, effort and mental resources into accounting such as ensuring that all financial record-keeping is up-to-date and reconciliations, and transactions are balanced, income and expenditure verified, and tracking the financial performance including reporting can be hard work.

Enter qualified and experienced Accountants and Bookkeepers plus a wide team of experts in forensic accounting, auditing as well as business support and advisory services. The aged care and disability sector is unique in terms of its legal and regulatory frameworks governing the services as well as the set-up such as structure and functional operations. Within the sector, there are many legal and financial obligations such as registrations, other credentials, insurance and of course, payroll as well as remaining abreast of Work, Health and Safety (WH&S) regulations.

Let any of these slide including your financial performance and cost control and you could have a decline in your ability to provide effective and ongoing services.

Full Range of Services for Your Unique Requirements

Aged Care and Disability Sector Accounting Specialities

1. The wide and deep knowledge base plus key expertise of qualified, experienced Accountants and Bookkeepers in our team understand the industry-specific requirements for service providers and organisations; this translates to being able to optimise financial management

2. Working collaboratively with our clients, we gather the relevant information that comprises your specific type of business structure and operational management then we can carefully oversee your accounting solutions

3. The team can help ensure that your financial risk mitigation strategies are in place and that your assets are protected while liabilities minimised such as tax

4. We understand that there are financial obligations linked with legal and regulatory commitments such as relevant registrations and associations for your services

5. We increase your capacity to drive the delivery of ongoing services by looking after the financials for long-term sustainability and compliance

While you continue building your clients’ capacity, we work hard on maintaining that capacity for you to be able to deliver those services. Our investment into helping you with your financials is because we care about people and that includes your clients too.

Let us help you keep on track with excellence in accounting so that you can continue on with excellence in aged care and disability support services.

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